A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

The Gracious Savior

Luke 24:36-47

In Jesus’ first post-resurrection appearance to the disciples in the Upper Room, we are once again reminded of the hope we can find when we commit ourselves to know and understand all the Scriptures. Jesus’ disciples were Confused, not knowing what to believe. They saw him crucified and knew he had been buried, but now some were saying he had risen from the dead. Then suddenly, Jesus appears before them in a locked room and they think he must be a ghost! Jesus Rebukes them for their fear and doubts. He then Instructs them through “show and tell.” The “show” part of this is Jesus’ gracious invitation for the disciples to look at and touch his wounds, and his eating of fish – both of which prove he is “real”. In the “tell” section of his instruction – Jesus teaches them, as he did the Emmaus Road disciples, how all the Old Testament Scriptures point to him and his work – AND to the fact that the proclamation of his work is to be proclaimed to all the nations.