A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Sovereignty and Love in the Face of Trial

Luke 22:47-53

Sometimes it feels like life is spinning out of control and that nothing can be done, or is being done to stop it – even by God. At first sight it certainly seems this was the case on the night Jesus met with his apostles in the upper room. Jesus had come to fulfill the covenant, to save his people and to establish his kingdom – yet it all seems to be going awry on this night. Between the disciples dullness of heart and mind, Judas betrayal, Peter’s pride, the inability of the disciples to pray in the garden, Jesus’ arrest and subsequent death – it is easy to think that God was out of control! But nothing could be further from the truth. This sermon shows how this is true from Judas’ betrayal with a kiss through his arrest. Through it all God is sovereignly at work fulfilling his word and working out his purposes. This is the confidence we have when life seems out of control – it really isn’t. Yes, it is out of our finite and worldly control – but the infinite, sovereign and wise God is working out his good and hope-filled purposes for us.