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Satan – How the Enemy Works

Job 1:6-2:10

Scripture blames Satan, rather than God, for bringing trouble on Job.  The text shows that the devil and his demons work through both human governments and natural events.  The spiritual forces of wickedness have many tools to use against God’s people, and they pulled out all the stops against Job.  We should not blame God when evil comes, because God is not the author of sin.  Nevertheless, we also see that God is completely in control, and Satan can only act with his permission.

Satan Wants You to Dishonor

Above all, the devil attacked Job, and attacks us, because he wants to dishonor God’s name.  He wants to show that God is not really worthy of the love of his people.  The devil also wants God’s people to die because they fell away from him.  Satan and his demons are very tricky, and good at convincing people of their lives.  They have been turning people against God since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Later, Job begins to question God too, although he was described as the most upright man on earth.  We need to ask God for help to follow him.

Don’t Blame God, Because He will Set All Things Right

Job’s situation looks bleak in Job 2, but at the end of the book God restores him.  Even if it does not happen in this life, the Bible promises that God sets all things right.  All suffering in this life he uses for our greatest good, to make us more like Christ.  In the end, justice will be done, and Satan will be vanquished.  God will wipe every tear from the eyes of his people, and they will enjoy being in his presence forever.  The world may be difficult now, but God is making all things new!