A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Salvation – Arranged by the Father – Part 2

Ephesians 1:4-6

This sermon continues our look at the spiritual blessing of election (Part 1 was April 29, 2018). Here we look at 4) The Goal of Election, 5) The Motivation and Time of Election and 6) The Fullness of Election. The goal goes beyond our salvation to our sanctification, for we are elected to be holy and blameless before him. In Christ, of course, we are already “holy and blameless before him” as far as our position is concerned. Yet as far as our practice, not yet – and God has elected us to both – to be holy and blameless in position and practice. This removes any idea that election promotes sin – we are to choose to do what is right before him. The motivation behind God’s election of his people is love “in love he predestined us” and the time is from before the foundation of the world – reminding us again that it could not be based on any merit in us. Even if “merit” were possible (which it is not), we were not even born yet to do anything good or bad. The fullness of our election is that we were predestined to be adopted into his family. Being adopted into God’s family means that we get all the rights and privileges of being in his family, that any claim our past family had on us is ended, and that we have a right to share in the inheritance. But our adoption is far more than a sterile legal process – it is about a relationship, for we become God’s children. In this relationship we experience his love and care, we have full access to his throne, and much more! The sermon also answers the objection that election does away with human responsibility by looking at how the Scriptures teach both, side by side, without apology and without an explanation of how they go together. We must live with the mystery and believe God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours. It ends with a call to give God the glory for his wonderful work of choosing a people for himself.