A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Resurrection Realities

Luke 20:27-40

While most Jews in Jesus’ day believed in the resurrection of the dead, the Sadducees did not. They held the Pentateuch (Genesis – Deuteronomy) in highest esteem, and because they did not think it taught the resurrection (and perhaps because they simply loved this world and lived for it), they challenged others who did – including Jesus. Their question about the woman with seven husbands – “whose wife will she be in the resurrection?”, was meant to discredit Jesus in some way – but as normal, Jesus responding with great wisdom and taught us some wonderful truths about the resurrection life. He first reminds us that there is a difference between this age and the next – and one of those differences is that there will be no marriage (as it will no longer be needed). Another difference is that there will be no death, and we will be “sons of God”. Jesus then takes takes the Sadducess to the Pentateuch to show that it speaks of the resurrection, and that to attain to the resurrection from the dead to glory, we must be counted worthy by God – and this happens only when we, by his grace, have faith in him.