A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Mary: A Sinner Called to Serve

Luke 1:26-56

In many ways Mary was an unlikely candidate to give birth to the Christ child. She was a young girl from an insignificant town and betrothed to a man with an insignificant job. On top of this, she was a sinner. In her own words she was one of “humble estate.” And yet, God called her to serve him in a most important way. While she couldn’t understand the “hows” – she was willing to be God’s instrument. This call came at a great cost. First, it cause trouble between her and her fiance (until the angel set Joseph straight), she would have been scorned by the Pharisees for getting pregnant out of wedlock, and a sword would pierce her heart as she saw her son rejected and hung on a cross as a criminal.This should not be a surprise however, for all who want to follow and serve Jesus must die to self and take up their cross – service comes at a cost. For this reason we need the same type of Word-inspired/Word-informed faith as Mary so we might take God at his word.