A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Love Hurts

Luke 22:39-46

In the Garden of Gethsemane we are reminded that for the Savior, Love Hurts. In a way we cannot understand Jesus, in his humanity, went to a dark and agonizing place as he bore the weight of what was about to happen to him on the cross. We first see the agony and horror he felt from the prospect of drinking the cup of God’s wrath for all who would trust in him. We then see his prayer – which at first seems to be answered “no”. Indeed, the request for the cup to be taken away was turned away. But Jesus had a greater desire – a greater prayer – and that was for the Father’s will do be done through him. What love we see in our Lord – who accepted the darkness and agony of the cross so that we might have life! Finally – we see that although the darkness and agony of the cross was not taken away, the Father strengthened his Son by sending and angel, by strengthening him in his humanity. We learn much from this event. First, we should rejoice in the Savior’s love. Second, when we see what it cost the Savior to pay for our sins – we ought not to make room for it in our lives. Third, we too can pray to the Father for our heart’s desires – but we must always desire his will first – even if it is in conflict with ours. Finally, the Father gives us strength when we seek to do his will – when we seek him in prayer.