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How to Live Until Jesus Returns

Luke 21:5-19

To be a Christian is to be a disciple. This is an unbiblical distinction, and you cannot be one without being the other. This truth is lost on many who claim to be Christians, for we think “discipleship” is something optional. That is why Jesus spends so much time reminding his followers how they are to live – and that is what he does in this passage. In particular, Jesus informs his followers how they are to live in light of the coming judgment. In this context the focus is on how they are to live in light of the coming destruction of Jerusalem in 70 a.d., but what he says is applicable to us who await the coming judgment when Jesus returns. Jesus instructs his followers, 1) not to be led astray by false teachers and false predictions; 2) Not to be afraid of the signs (because the end is not yet and they are in Him); 3) to use their trials for gospel purposes – willing testifying to God and his grace in times of difficulty; and 4) endure to the end and gain your lives – persevere until the end.