A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

The Last Passover – The First Lord’s Supper

Luke 22:14-20

Having made arrangements to eat the Passover with his disciples, we now get a taste of why he hid the location from Judas – the Lord intended to have a time of final preparation of his disciples – a part of which was putting an end to the bloody Passover meal – and establishing the non-bloody Lord’s Supper. The whole of the evening was wrapped in love – indeed, Jesus looked forward to celebrating with his disciples. His heart is to be with them and to communicate his love. This happens in part as Jesus establishes the Lord’s Supper for them to celebrate , that they might ever remember him and his work on their behalf. This sermon focuses in on the meaning of the supper – especially the meaning of the bread (pointing us to his being our substitute) and on the blood of the New Covenant.