A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Joseph: Christ-like Character in Action

Matthew 1:18-25

Next in our study of the Characters of Christmas comes Joseph. Joseph was asked to do a hard thing – marry a woman already pregnant out of wedlock. While we know this was by the Holy Spirit – this would have been difficult to explain and even more difficult for others to believe. Yet through it all, Joseph displayed his Christ-like Character. First, he showed mercy in the face of perceived wrong by choosing to put Mary away quietly. Second, he showed faith in response to God’s word – he believed the angel even though nothing like this had ever happened before. Finally, he obeyed God’s word – he wed action to his faith. Being like Joseph – even more, being like Jesus – takes making use of the means of grace he has given us. It means being in the word, praying, participating in the sacraments, fellowship, worship and more.