A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

I Shall Return!

Luke 21:20-38

Because of all the “natural” disasters happening in our world today, many are speculating that we are in the last days – and some are even setting the date. While setting the date is foolish and sinful, such failed efforts do not somehow negate the truth that Jesus will return, and in the text we learn a little about the nature of his return as well as how we can be ready. Jesus will come suddenly, but there will be some amazing signs in the heavens just before he does. Because of this, we should also be watchful – we should pray will will be ready and escape the judgment to come. We must also beware of those things that keep us from being ready – things like the excessive indulgence in pleasures, drunkenness, and getting so caught up in the “cares of this life” that we don’t take time to think about Christ’s coming and the way of escape – which is faith in him.