A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

How Shall We Then Live?

Luke 19:11-27

In this Parable of the Minas, we are reminded that the kingdom in all its fullness is not yet, and that Christ’s followers are to faithfully “invest the gospel” that it might grow until the time he returns. The Nobleman in the parable represents Jesus who is about to go on a long journey in order to receive a kingship. He will travel through the cross, death, the resurrection and the ascension to the right hand of God, where he is given the name that is above every name and is crowned Lord of all. Before he leaves on this journey, however, he gives his followers a mina, representing the gospel, telling them to “engage in business” with it until he returns. Just like the Nobleman, Jesus is opposed by many foes, who do not want him to rule over them. These are those who want to be autonomous and to do what is right in their own eyes because they are wise in their own eyes. Sadly, these will receive a severe judgment when the king returns. But like the Nobleman, Jesus also has many faithful servants, those who have invested in the gospel and who have brought the gospel to bear in the lives of all around them. These will receive rich and gracious rewards upon the King’s return. Finally, Jesus, like the Nobleman in the parable has false followers (or perhaps faithless followers). These are those who flat out disregard Jesus’ command to take the gospel forth into all the world, and then have the gall to cast blame on Jesus himself. They tell him the task is too difficult and that he expects too much – so they hide the gospel. Whether or not such a one is a true follower of Jesus is subject to interpretation, but the thrust of the parable is that the only right answer to “How Shall We Then Live?” – is “in faithful service to the King.” We are called to bring the gospel to bear in every moment, in every relationship, in every activity, in every word, etc.