A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Hope in the Midst of Sin and Misery – Part 2

Luke 22:31-38

In the Upper Room on the night Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper, the sin and misery of the world was on full display – and yet in the mist of it there is great hope for Christ’s followers. In part one (10/8/17, Luke 22:21-30) we saw this sin and misery in Judas’ evil betrayal of Jesus, and yet there was hope as even his betrayal had been prophesied as a part of God’s plan to bring salvation. We also saw it on display in the dullness of the disciples – who although being told their was a betrayer among them – soon moved on to argue which of them was the greatest (again!). But again there was hope for the eleven, for in spite of their dullness they belonged to Christ and as such had a place in his kingdom. Today we see sin and misery on display once again, first in the good intentions and pride of Peter, and also in their cluelessness as to how their world was about to change. But once again there is hope. In regards to Peter, Jesus was praying for him that his faith would not fail, and because of his prayers, Jesus could say “when” you turn again, not “if”. We also wee it in how Peter tells prideful and soon to be broken Peter that when he did turn again, he was to serve Christ again by strengthening his brothers. Praise the Lord that he still intercedes for us today, and that he still uses broken vessels in his service. In regards to their cluelessness about changing times, Jesus reminds us that this too is all a part of God’s plan – especially his plan to redeem a people for himself. Christ came to be “numbered with the transgressors” – to become our substitute so we might have eternal life in glory.