A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Hope in the Face of Sin and Misery – Part 1

Luke 22:21-30

In many of the interactions in the Upper Room, the sin and misery of the world is put on full display. We see it first in the treachery of Judas in betraying the Lord. Even after walking and talking with him for three-plus years, seeing him perform miracles, listening to his authoritative teaching and seeing his compassion for sinners – Judas gave into his sinful greed and betrayed his master. It is sin at it’s worst – the betrayal of a friend for money. Sad and difficult as this is, Jesus does not leave us without hope – for this too was a part of God’s plan in accomplishing his purpose – the salvation of his people. We also see sin and misery on display in the dullness of the disciples. Here is Jesus, who is soon to face the cross and who just announced that one of them was going to betray him – and in a matter of minutes (at least it seems that way) the disciples were arguing about who among them was the greatest. By this they proved not only to be dull to Jesus’ trials, but dull to both his previous teaching about greatness and to his example of servanthood. In light of their argument he patiently and graciously teaches them once again about what true greatness involves – and he holds himself up as an example. He also brings hope to the situation when, before the now-eleven disciples showed any change, he promised them a place of rule at his side and a place at his table in the kingdom. In spite of their dullness – they truly his followers. We too can have hope in the midst of our sin and misery – hope that the Lord is in control of it all and using all things to serve his glorious purpose – and by remembering that no matter or how waek we might be as his followers – he has a place for us at his table in glory.