A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

From Floundering to Faith

Luke 24:13-35

In the account of Jesus instructing the Emmaus Road disciples, we are reminded that in God’s word we have lasting hope and all we need to be saved – for all the word points us to Christ and his work. We are often like the Floundering Disciples – not understanding who Christ is or what he has done. At such times we need to see and hear the Faithful and Forbearing Savior who gracious rebukes us to know ALL the Scriptures – for ALL the Scriptures point us to him and his work. Sadly, like the disciples we often pick and choose what we believe to fit in with the kind of Jesus we want – but Jesus is not to be defined by us – the word tells us what we need to know and believe. To this end we need to be a people of the word, constantly reading it, studying it and hearing it read, taught and preached. As we grow in our knowledge and understanding of the word, we can become like the Faith-filled and Faithful Disciples – who in response to God’s word burning in them – believed and rushed to tell others that they also might have hope.