A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

From Dedication to Denial to Duty

Luke 22:54-62

Many of us, even as Christians, can feel that we have lost our value to others, to the Church, and perhaps even to God. Because of our failures and sins we believe God would be better off using someone else. The life of Peter reminds us that this is not the case. This sermon looks first at Peter’s Presumptuous Dedication to Christ – he made claims he meant but didn’t understand and couldn’t follow through on. We then look at Peter’s Precipitous Fall as he flees in the garden and then denies three times that he even knows Jesus, let alone follows him. We then see Peter’s Praiseworthy Restoration by Jesus. It is quite evident in Jesus’ interaction with Peter when three times he asks Peter if he loves him, three times Peter says yes and then three times Jesus calls Peter to care for his sheep. But Peter’s restoration actual began in the upper room where Jesus set the groundwork for Peter’s repentance. Not only did Jesus predict Peter’s denial, he also told Peter what he has done to make sure he will not fall away completely – he has prayed for him. Jesus also tells Peter, “when you return” – feed my sheep – a statement of hope. Like with Peter, Jesus knows we are weak sinners. Like with Peter, Jesus is praying for us. And like with Peter, he already has a plan for our restoration.