A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Created for Good Works

Ephesians 2:10

There is much confusion today on the relationship of salvation and good works. Many are those who believe that good works are needed in order to be saved (e.g. the Roman Catholic Church, legalistic protestant churches). On the flip side, many are those who believe that while good works are commendable, they play no role is salvation wat all – and therefore are not ever needed – after all, salvation is by grace alone. This sermon shows how both of these views are erroneous. The first because salvation is by grace through faith alone, and the second because genuine salvation produces changed lives. It first considers how Christians are God’s workmanship – that if they are In Christ” it is because God has brought it about by his grace. He has taken hearts of stone and shaped them into hearts of flesh, and he has taken hearts and minds darkened by sin and the devil and made his light to shine. It them considers that we are created to do good works. It is not enough to claim to know Jesus when Jesus does not claim to know you. There must be a true relationship, and this relationship will reveal itself in works done for the glory of God.