A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Bearing the Image of the True King

Luke 20:19-26

In this encounter with the Jewish leaders and the Herodians, we are reminded that it is right for us to “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to render to God the things that are God’s.” To render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s is first to render our civil obedience in all things not contrary to God’s word.Second it is to pray, and third it is to serve. But all this is a subset of what it means to render to God the things that are God’s. Ultimately, our obedience to the state is obedience to God, since he established it. But, as those who bear God’s image by creation, all men are to offer up their very being to God. This is impossible to do perfectly, of course, and so the Father sent his Son to do it on our behalf, a work that must be received by faith. And when we do receive it by faith, we bear his image in a whole new way and are  being made more and more into the image of Christ. This means that as believers we are to render to God every aspect of our lives. Our hearts, minds and will are all to be given back to him (because they belong to him). How we speak, what we say, our every thought and deed are to be offered up to him in sacrificial praise. This is true whether we are on the golf course, in our homes, at work or at church. All of life belongs to him, and we are to honor him with it.