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The Authority of the King Challenged and Rejected

Luke 19:1-19

In these verses we continue to see how Jesus “came to his own, and his own people did not receive him” (John 1:11), and we discover the destiny that awaits those who reject him. We see this first in verses 1-8 where we see The Authority of the King Challenged. Here Jesus exposes the hardened hearts of the Jewish leaders and refuses to directly answer the question they asked to trap him. We also see it in the parable of verses 9-19 where we find The Authority of the King Rejected. Jesus communicates through this parable that the leaders of the Jews have in the past mistreated and killed the prophets, and now they will willingly reject and kill the Son to protect their place in Israel. Sadly, yet justly, these leaders will suffer God’s wrath and the care of Israel will be given to others – the apostles and the elders of the church, including Gentiles. In response to the crowds shock, Jesus quotes Psalm 118:22 about the rejection of the cornerstone, in essence saying that this is fulfilled in the killing of the Son. He ends with a reminder that those who continue to reject him will be “destroyed.” The sermon closes by looking at Peter’s “commentary” on this parable, reminding is that the rejection was not the end, for Jesus is now the living stone (he “became the cornerstone”) and that in this we must rejoice and find our home by faith.