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Angels – Pointing us to Christ

Ezekiel 1:4-28

This is the second sermon in our mini-series on Angels and Demons.  Here we see Ezekiel’s vision of cherubim, which are very different than we often think of angels.  Ezekiel describes them as big, and powerful, and glorious.  These four-faced creatures, with giant wheels next to them, filled Ezekiel with wonder.  Yet we also see that these cherubim point to Christ.  At the end of the passage, Ezekiel sees Jesus, and he is far better than the angels.  Angels exist to point to how Christ is greater than they are.

Don’t be Distracted by Angels, Because God’s Word is Better

Many people today want information about spiritual realities outside of scripture, but God’s word is sufficient.  We should not seek knowledge about spiritual reality from angels, or anywhere but the Bible.  This particularly includes any sort of occult practices.  Demons, not positive spiritual forces, stand behind any occult practices.  We also must be careful not to even joke about such things.  As other religious and occult practices come into secular culture, and even the church, we must use discernment and carefully avoid whatever does not honor Christ.

We also need to avoid seeking spiritual knowledge from books and movies that claim to know things outside the Bible.  The ‘heaven tourism’ genre of people who claim to have come back from heaven serves as a prominent example.  Because Christ has spoken in his word, we listen to scripture, and throw out all that disagrees.

We Focus on Christ, Because we Want to Hear Him

Finally, the reason we want to avoid these practices is that we do not want holy angels, much less demons, to distract us from Christ.  We have a God who speaks, and we want to hear his voice.  The book of Ezekiel is all about Jesus telling him the gospel, and instructing the prophet to proclaim it to the people.  Angels could not tell us the gospel even if we could listen to them.  Christ is better, because Christ saves us, and shows us the way of salvation.