A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

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Responding to the Light

John 1:10-13 John reminds us that there are only two ways we can respond to the light. We can reject the light or receive the light. This sermon focuses on the reasons and consequences for both responses and calls us to our need to receive Christ.

Don’t Be Such a Brat

Luke 7:24-35 Jesus commendation of John the Baptist leads to a challenge to believe and a warning against self-righteousness and hardheartedness. His words are also a reminder of his love and patience with us.

Doubting John the Baptist

Luke 7:18-23 In John the Baptist’s doubts about Jesus’ identity we learn much about our doubts and what to do with them – we take them to Jesus. In Jesus’ response we learn to look both at God’s word and his work in our lives and the lives of others.