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A Glimpse of Glory

55 – 09-27-36 – A Glimpse of Glory Luke 9:27-36 In Christ’s transfiguration we get a glimpse of our Savior’s divine glory as the veil of flesh is “pulled back”. This glimpse of glory reminds us that Jesus is indeed the living God – and this calls us to worship and gives us hope. It is also a reminder that we must,…

The Cross of Discipleship

Luke 9:21-27 In this passage Jesus gives us his terms for discipleship – he tells us what it requires if we want to follow him. Based on his life of self-denial and suffering, Jesus calls his followers to 1) deny themselves, 2) to take up their cross daily and 3) o follow him in willful and joyful obedience. This call is difficult…

Who Do You Say that I Am?

Luke 9:7-9, 18-22 Just as in Jesus day many people today have wrong ideas about who Jesus is. Many today doubt he even existed, while others know he did but don’t recognize him as the Christ. We tend to make Jesus fit our ideas of who he should be – often times leading men and women to believe in a false Savior.…

When 5+2=12 to the 4th

Luke 9:10-17 Jesus’ Feeding of the 5000 (plus women and children) reminds us that he is a God of compassion, power and provision. In the passage we see that while rest is needed, it is not the Lord’s chief concern. His chief concern is people – and since this is the case, he always welcomes them and does not view them as…

Mission Possible

Luke 9:1-6 By looking at Jesus charge to his apostles in Luke 9:1-6, we can be reminded that we too have a charge. Lie the apostles, we are charged to proclaim the kingdom of God, demonstrate compassion, persevere in trust, maintain contentment and issue a warning to those who reject the gospel. This Mission may be difficult- and even seem impossible at…

The Lord of Compassion and Power

Luke 8:40-56 Through the healing of the woman with the blood disease and Jairus’ daughter we learn much about our Savior. We learn that he is accessible and available to those who call out to him. We also learn that he is a God of compassion and power who cares for people. We also learn that desperation is often needed to bring…

The Word Became Flesh

If Jesus was just a perfect man without sin – the only person’s salvation he would have warranted was his own – but because he was and is God AND man – his righteous life and undeserved death were sufficient to save all the Father would draw to him

Responding to the Light

John 1:10-13 John reminds us that there are only two ways we can respond to the light. We can reject the light or receive the light. This sermon focuses on the reasons and consequences for both responses and calls us to our need to receive Christ.

Don’t Be Such a Brat

Luke 7:24-35 Jesus commendation of John the Baptist leads to a challenge to believe and a warning against self-righteousness and hardheartedness. His words are also a reminder of his love and patience with us.

Doubting John the Baptist

Luke 7:18-23 In John the Baptist’s doubts about Jesus’ identity we learn much about our doubts and what to do with them – we take them to Jesus. In Jesus’ response we learn to look both at God’s word and his work in our lives and the lives of others.