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Sermons on Salvation

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Redemption and Transformation

Luke 19:1-10 The account of Zacchaeus and Jesus reminds us that Jesus did indeed come to seek and save the lost. When we meet Zacchaeus he is far from living up to his name, which means “Righteous One.” In reality, Zacchaeus was morally deficient (he loved money while using people); he was spiritually disadvantaged (by his riches – for it is easier…

Open My Eyes, Lord!

Luke 18:31-43 As Jesus continues on his way to Jerusalem, he pulls the apostles aside and tells them what awaits him in Jerusalem. He first states that what was going to happen was to fulfill the prophecies in the Old Testament, and then he tells them some particulars (the Son of Man will be “delivered over to the Gentiles and will be…

How to Have Eternal Life

Our passage today takes us back to the very important and foundational truth that it is not our works that earn our salvation or that keep our salvation – it is not our righteousness that gains us eternal life – it is all about what Christ has done – it is all about his work on our behalf – and this can only be received by faith.

Being in the Ten Percent

Luke 17:11-19 In the account of the ten lepers we are reminded of a couple of great truths. We are reminded that we are to be grateful to God for his blessings, but even more that we are to have faith in Christ as our Savior. The account illustrates how God shows his common grace to all, but not all are appropriately…

The Showoff and the Beggar

Luke 16:19-31 In this parable Jesus illustrates for his hearers (which includes us) the consequences of rejecting God and his word. To set up the main teaching of the parable Jesus tells us about two men who stood in vivid contrast to one another in life and death. In life the in-named rich man had it all, loved to show his wealth…

A Prodigal Father with a Dutiful (but Lost) Son

Why is it, when we have such a gracious and loving God, that many do not turn to him?… This parable reminds us [that] many are filled with self-righteousness and don’t really think they need God’s grace. Yes, they know there is a God, and they might even acknowledge him before others and claim to belong to him – but like the older brother and the Pharisees whom he symbolized – it is possible to know about God yet not know of your need for him – it is possible to know him but not be in a relationship with him

Lost Stuff

Luke 15:1-10 In the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin we are reminded that, 1) Jesus loves the lost unashamedly, that people knew it and that he did so even though they did not deserve it.; 2) Jesus seeks the lost and; 3) Jesus rejoices when the lost are found. We are called to join with Jesus in all…