A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

Sermons on Repentance

A Prodigal Father with a Dutiful (but Lost) Son

Why is it, when we have such a gracious and loving God, that many do not turn to him?… This parable reminds us [that] many are filled with self-righteousness and don’t really think they need God’s grace. Yes, they know there is a God, and they might even acknowledge him before others and claim to belong to him – but like the older brother and the Pharisees whom he symbolized – it is possible to know about God yet not know of your need for him – it is possible to know him but not be in a relationship with him

The Necessity of Repentance

Luke 13:1-9 In this passage Jesus uses two “present day” events to teach many important truths. He reminds us that not all suffering is caused by sin. However – all are in danger of perishing because all are sinners – and because this is true all need to repent of their sins. Repentance includes sorrow over sin and turning from it –…