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Sermons on Love

Love Hurts

Luke 22:39-46 In the Garden of Gethsemane we are reminded that for the Savior, Love Hurts. In a way we cannot understand Jesus, in his humanity, went to a dark and agonizing place as he bore the weight of what was about to happen to him on the cross. We first see the agony and horror he felt from the prospect of…

A Prodigal Father with a Dutiful (but Lost) Son

Why is it, when we have such a gracious and loving God, that many do not turn to him?… This parable reminds us [that] many are filled with self-righteousness and don’t really think they need God’s grace. Yes, they know there is a God, and they might even acknowledge him before others and claim to belong to him – but like the older brother and the Pharisees whom he symbolized – it is possible to know about God yet not know of your need for him – it is possible to know him but not be in a relationship with him

A Prodigal Father with a Prodigal Son

Luke 15:11-24 In this first half of the parable of the prodigal (meaning “wasteful and reckless”) son, we are reminded of the prodigal (meaning “lavish and extravagant”) love and grace of God. In verses 11-20a the focus is on the prodigal. In these verses we see his rebellious heart (in which he selfishly asks for his inheritance), his reckless living (where he…

Lost Stuff

Luke 15:1-10 In the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin we are reminded that, 1) Jesus loves the lost unashamedly, that people knew it and that he did so even though they did not deserve it.; 2) Jesus seeks the lost and; 3) Jesus rejoices when the lost are found. We are called to join with Jesus in all…