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Sermons on Jesus

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Love Hurts

Luke 22:39-46 In the Garden of Gethsemane we are reminded that for the Savior, Love Hurts. In a way we cannot understand Jesus, in his humanity, went to a dark and agonizing place as he bore the weight of what was about to happen to him on the cross. We first see the agony and horror he felt from the prospect of…

A Portrait of the King

Luke 19:41-49 As Jesus continues his final week in Jerusalem, he continues to reveal what kind of king he is. In his weeping over the city of Jerusalem, we see his compassion for the lost, and in his cleansing of the temple we see his passion for the worship of God (that nothing would hinder all nations from seeking God in prayer).…

Angels – Pointing us to Christ

Ezekiel 1:4-28 This is the second sermon in our mini-series on Angels and Demons.  Here we see Ezekiel’s vision of cherubim, which are very different than we often think of angels.  Ezekiel describes them as big, and powerful, and glorious.  These four-faced creatures, with giant wheels next to them, filled Ezekiel with wonder.  Yet we also see that these cherubim point to…

Responding to the Light

John 1:10-13 John reminds us that there are only two ways we can respond to the light. We can reject the light or receive the light. This sermon focuses on the reasons and consequences for both responses and calls us to our need to receive Christ.