A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC

The Prelude

organ-right long1The organ in the sanctuary of Westminster Presbyterian Church has been created by centuries-old organ building skills and techniques. This has produced an instrument that is both visually stunning, and musically exciting. It enhances the joy of worship while blending well with the architecture of the building.

The organ was designed and built by the Andover Organ Company of Methuen, Massachusetts, in consultation with Dr. Charles Tomkins. It is housed in a free-standing case of oak which serves to focus, unite, and project the sounds of the pipes into the sanctuary.

There are three divisions of the organ (Great, Swell, and Pedal) with a total of 1624 pipes comprising 26 stops and 30 ranks. There are new, old, imported, and domestic pipes incorporated into this instrument. Five additional stops are prepared for future installation.