A Community of Grace · Clinton, SC


Members of a small Bible study began to sense the Lord’s call to start a church in 1982, one committed to the reformed faith and that the Bible is without error in all it teaches.  The church officially started on November 14, 1982, and was recognized as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  Some of the 62 members came from Grace PCA, who transferred their property to WPC.  The first five elders were installed, and Ruben Wallace was called to serve as the stated supply minister.

  • 1983: Jayme S. Sickert became the first full-time pastor. He faithfully served seven years, before leaving to work with the denomination in Georgia with Mission to North America.
  • 1984: First service in the original sanctuary, now the fellowship hall
  • 1987: Terry R. Baxley added as an associate pastor. He served four years before planting a church in Maryland.
  • 1989: The present 350-seat sanctuary was built
  • 1990: David M. Bryan succeeded Rev. Sickert as senior pastor. He led the church for seven years before pastoring a church in Tennessee.
  • 1990: Alan Johnson became assistant pastor to replace Rev. Baxley, and served three years before becoming a senior pastor in Georgia
  • 1991: Bailey Manor, the PCA retirement home in Clinton with a close relationship to WPC, opened its doors
  • 1995: Brian Austin replaced Rev. Johnson as assistant pastor, and served for the next three years. Also about this time, WPC began to sponsor Campus Outreach at Presbyterian College, a ministry that has impacted the lives of hundreds of students.
  • 1999: Larry J. Gamble succeeded Rev. Bryan as senior pastor and served seven years. Several more assistants passed through, including Philip McClimon, who left to serve as a Navy Chaplain, Tim Bowers, and Geoff Henderson, who now pastors in Florida.
  • 2003: A final building project completed more classrooms, a kitchen, and recreation facilities
  • 2005: Bill Barton served as interim pastor with the departure of Rev. Gamble. At the end of the year, James T. Roberts took over as the fourth senior pastor.

Now more than 35 years later, we celebrate how God has graciously provided for us! The church remains firmly committed to the reformed faith and the Scriptures. We look forward to the future the Lord has planned for us!